Milltown community educated on Family STEAM Night

Milltown community educated on Family STEAM Night

Families received an education on what STEAM is all about.

They obtain their knowledge from their children.

Milltown Primary School held its popular Family STEAM Night on Friday, March 1, when families and students engaged throughout the school’s gymnasium floor and also listened to a video in the cafeteria.

STEAM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics.

Milltown’s two Science Coordinators, Jennifer Anders and Meredith Alvarez, along with the assistance of dedicated and passionate Milltown Principal Matt Lembo, spearheaded this well-attended event.

 "Family STEAM Night  is an amazing opportunity to give our families a little glimpse into what STEAM is all about. A perfect opportunity to see first hand how simple engineering challenges like this one can encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills,’’ Ms. Anders explained.

Her associate agreed.

“Family STEAM Night gives everyone an opportunity to experience first hand the type of problem solving and critical thinking skills that we are teaching at Milltown,’’ Ms. Alvarez said.

Principal Lembo praised his Science Coordinators as well as staff and students from the school district.

“Ms. Anders and Ms. Alvarez, along with help from colleagues and students from Bridgewater-Raritan High School, developed this wonderful school community event to engage our families in all things STEAM,’' Principal Lembo said. “ Families worked together with limited supplies in order to build a structure to keep them protected from inclement weather. Such a fun way for our families to apply learning about the design process we use to solve problems.’’

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