Milltown students absorb the fun activities during Welcome Back Day

Milltown students absorb the fun activities during Welcome Back Day

The goals were achieved with plenty of enjoyment when the Welcome Back Day was held at the Milltown Primary School on Friday, September 15.

Milltown Principal Matt Lembo explained the day that was enjoyable, educational and productive.

"In keeping with our school purpose for this school year we spent the day building social language and making meaningful connections. Children and faculty engaged in scavenger hunts, water bottle decorating, and various team building activities to create a firm foundation of collaboration that will be built upon throughout the year,'' Principal Lembo said.

He praised the efforts of his staff.

'' This celebratory day was designed by 3rd Grade Teacher, Mr. Deysher and executed by his strategic team, and our entire faculty.  We used this opportunity to ignite emotion, which will spark attention - once we have attention we can turn our sights on learning,'' Principal Lembo stated. "We firmly believe that we must first tend to the social and emotional needs of our children before focusing on building our academic language.  This day allowed us to work on our school purpose, create bonds between children-faculty, and spark positive emotions that will carry us forward for months to come!'

The goals of this day were as followed:

1-Build classroom/grade level communities

2-Get to know our new students

3-Connect to Miltie's theme of Teamwork

4-Kick off the year together as a whole school

Mr. Deysher provided his summary of this wonderful day.

''The goal of our strategic team was to create a day that not only welcomed children back into our school, but also provided opportunities to build connections with each other and staff members, as well as build upon our character education program and this month's theme of teamwork,'' Mr. Deysher said.