Milltown students and staff spent a day to celebrate Miltie's Adventure Day

Milltown students and staff spent a day to celebrate Miltie's Adventure Day

All for one and one for all.

That rally call sums up the shared and performed theme at the Milltown Primary School.

A day to exhibit the many qualities that the Milltown staff and students practice daily was held on Friday, May 3, when the highly popular Miltie’s Adventure Day was experienced.

Bryan Smith, a Milltown Health and Physical Education Teacher, was one of the spearheads of this fun and educational day.

 He is among a devoted squad of Milltown staff members who make up the school’s Character Ed Team.

“Miltie's Adventure Day is a full-day event where students participate in activity stations that teach and support our school's character education and social-emotional learning,” Mr. Smith explained.

Mr. Smith went on to discuss the all-day sessions.

 “Many of our staff volunteer to run these activity stations. Stephanie Campisi, our Guidance Counselor, leads our Character Ed. Team of Jen Anders (Pre-K Teacher), Meredith Alvarez (3rd Grade) Teacher, Keri Phelps (4th Grade Teacher), Gina Quaglia (3rd and 4th Grade Special Education Teacher), Debbie Shah-Patel (Speech Teacher)) and myself.”

He shared the productive themes that the Character Ed team and the students performed.

“Each month we focus on a different theme that our school mascot Miltie shares with the students; teamwork, respect and responsibility, gratitude, generosity, perseverance, empathy, honesty, acceptance, sportsmanship, and courage,” Mr. Smith said. 

He concluded.

“Miltie's Adventure Day is our culminating activity. The kids and staff have truly embraced this day and have shown the positive impacts our themes have had on them.”