There are a bunch of talented students at Milltown

There are a bunch of talented students at Milltown

An idea by some clever students at the Milltown Primary School resulted in a highly popular primetime event.

With the support of the Milltown Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and the school’s administration and staff, the Milltown Talent Show was performed on center stage on Friday evening, February 23.

Matt Lembo, the Milltown Principal, explained how this show of talent was created.

“During the 2022-2023 school year a group of 3rd Grade students came to me with an idea to develop a Talent Show,’’ Principal Lembo recalled. “Their objective was to ‘give everyone a chance to show  their talent.’ “

Principal Lembo reported that the school was the host to the Talent Show during the school day at first, and thanks to the leadership of the children, it was a huge success.

“This year our PTO built on the excitement and offered a Talent Show night time extravaganza,’’ Principal Lembo said.

He spoke on how the event served as a bonding performance for the school community. 

“This was such a nice community building activity and meaningful way for families to come together in celebration of our talented children,” Principal Lembo reflected..


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