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With an enrollment of 401 students in grades PreK-4, Milltown School maintains a belief that all children have the potential to learn.

We believe that the best preparation for a fast-changing world is an education that cultivates discovery, uses technology as a tool for learning, and celebrates diversity. We are using Chromebooks, Tablets, iPads, Robots, and SmartBoards to allow children experiences with researching and discovering their passion. Our children have access to an inclusive school community, a comprehensive curriculum, and an enriched learning climate that enables them to reach their potential. 

Our approach encourages many opportunities for individualized learning and ensures that students receive personal attention. Milltown School is well suited to students with diverse needs. We have specialists that support children in all areas. Specifically, English as a Second Language, Special Education, and Intervention Specialists work closely with classroom teachers to address the specific needs of diverse learners. We also have a School Counselor who provides social and emotional support for all children.

While our literacy and math programs take up the majority of the students' day, science, social studies, health and character education are also crucial parts of our curriculum. Science (STEAM – Science Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) at Milltown involves active use of the problem solving process that help our students build their understanding of key concepts. Our social studies instruction is literature based and incorporates cross-curricular projects and activities. Art, Music, Library, Technology and Physical Education make deliberate connections to the curriculum, increasing the opportunity for students to generalize/apply their learning.

Milltown is committed to keeping families engaged in their children's education, both at home and at school. An outstanding Parent-Teacher Organization gives us tremendous support for students and staff by providing cultural arts assemblies and school enrichment programs. Our students have opportunities to engage in service learning projects throughout the year. As part of our whole school approach to character education the children can apply their skills in authentic ways.

Milltown is a school where learning happens for the children and the adults. We are built on shared partnerships, vision, and growth from everyone that loves our school.

Mr. Matthew J. Lembo